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Closet Envy

Perhaps it’s the bipolar weather that we’re experiencing, where I was in shorts and flip flops on Saturday and then we woke up to an inch of snow this morning; perhaps it’s the fact that things have been upside down and sideways this last week; or perhaps it’s because I realized an entire tower of the Fireman’s pants fell down at some point in the last few days, causing a major jam in the closet door that I haven’t even thought how I’m going to tackle yet.

I have organizing closets on the brain. I’ve been in and out of my seasonal clothing bin more times than I can count in the last few days, but I’m not at the stage to commit and pull warm clothing out (ya know, because it might snow again). I’m sure that when I do, I’m going to do a huge clothing purge from my winter clothes and try to reorganize the whole thing again. Am I the only one who dreams about having a walk in closet? No? Excellent. Here are a few of my favorites from over the years:

closet1I love how airy this feels, even though it’s narrow and long. The ceiling packs a great punch of color to complement the white cabinetry, and those angles around the window? Lovelovelove. Oh, & PS: it has a rolling ladder. Sold.

closet2Um. Drooling. Is there anything I need to point out about this one? I not only adore the built ins for the shoes, but I love the variations in the heights of the hanging spaces. And the glass topped island? Gorg.

closet6This one is just so simple and sweet & I love that it’s just out in the open.

closet4There’s definitely something that I love about a closet with a window of some sort! This one just pours light in, and that ottoman is to die for!

closet5I love how the over the door space was utilized as well, which makes the upper part so perfect for seasonal things, or chunky bags that wouldn’t fit anywhere else.


And just because everyone needs to have a whimsical closet, I give you this. Seriously, the most fun one of all!

After looking at all of these, I’m definitely itching to get ahold of my closet now & revamp it (again)!


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I was floating around Pinterest this morning and stumbled upon this AMAZEBALLS house, and must show it to y’all. First of all, it’s a New Hampshire farm house, which makes me adore it already, but it’s exactly how I would modernize an old house around here. I’m dying.


The exterior looks just like the outside of the Fireman’s parents house, right down to the lack of shutters and small side porch. It’s one of my favorite looks, especially when the trees are starting to green up again.


The typical farmhouse here usually opens right into the kitchen area, with either a tiny mudroom or none at all, and I love how they created a little tiny place for coats (and the ubiquitous rifle, of course).


This kitchen. Seriously. It’s so modern yet so rustic at the same time!


Yeah. And this. I can’t even begin to describe how much I’m obsessed with this whole open layout. I’d LOVE to cook in here!


The pantry is even more fabulous! I love the array of different colors and textures in the jars! And those pendant lights? I may need a moment.


The dining room is so lovely with the combination of modern white walls and windows with the textured old brick and the wood accents. And those beams? Come to mama.


The beams carry over into the living room, and honestly, would you think this room was in a vintage farmhouse? Because I would never be able to guess.


The juxtaposition of modern meets rustic is so seamless here, and I love it. So, so much. That headboard? Yum.


Chair rail is very popular here, but I’ve never seen it wtih one solid color (usually it’s two different colors above and below), and I love the almost board and batten treatment they have going on here.


And last, but not least, my favorite picture. This is the one that lead me to the article, and I am so head over heels for it. Maybe I’ll convince the Fireman we should paint our four poster bed too :).

All images found here.

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Helllooooooooooo Frisco!! Once again, the ladies over at Young House Love and Bower Power are at it again, bringing you…


(Some of my past Pinterest Challenge projects include: canvas art, painted glasses, coffee table tray, and butterfly globe.)

I was so excited about it rolling around again that I immediately got on the ball internet and found exactly what I’ve been dying to do for the last two Pinterest challenges but have been procrastinating over…a DIY drum shade to cover the hideous light in our kitchen!


I found the idea last winter from this tutorial, which is actually the one I ended up using. I skimmed around Pinterest and found what I could, which wasn’t a lot.


1 / 2 / 3: (broken link) / 4

I got all of my supplies at Joanns, and ended up going with an 18″ embroidery hoop. Now let me get on my soapbox for a second (because I live with a firefighter and God forbid I don’t mention it) make sure that there is ample space around the light for the heat to escape!


I used 2 18″ embroidery hoops, 1 lighting panel (like for a fluorescent light), eye hooks, S-hooks, ribbon, poster board, some sheer white fabric, and fabric/wallpaper of your choice for the outside.

It’s a fairly easy project, but I stretched it over a week to make sure that the glue was fully set before I put any sort of weight on it. First, cut your poster board to size. In order to get the circumference of your shade, use the equation 3.14 x 18 (diameter). This will tell you how much you will need. For me, I used 56.52 inches, which equaled two poster boards plus a little more. I made it 12 inches high, and this really depends on how low you want it hanging/how high your ceilings are. So, once you’ve cut your poster board, glue it together so it’s in one long sheet, then start gluing it to the INNER hoop of the embroidery hoop (they are in fact, two pieces, a fact I never knew until now).

The best way I found was to put the glue on the poster board and then roll it onto the hoop, wiping off any excess glue. Make sure that the poster board is tight! Once you’ve glued and tightened, hold it in place with a binder clip.


Once all the binder clips are holding it securely, let it dry for a few hours, then do the same thing to the bottom hoop. I waited to glue the big seam down the middle until both hoops were in since it had a little bit of give to it that way.

While the glue dried, I started on the lighting panel. They are super brittle and will (and did) crack at any opportunity. In order to cut out your bottom panel, you first need a template to use.


Using the embroidery hoop, tighten it all the way down and trace the inside edge. This ensures the exact size. Once that’s cut out, make sure that it fits inside your shade.


Then using the template, trace the circle on your panel. In order to minimize the cracking, it’s best to put masking tape over the line.


Then score the line using an X-Acto knife or razorblade. I also turned it over and scored the bottom as well to make it easier to cut.


Once it’s all score, use SHARP scissors to cut the circle out. It’s not going to be perfect by any means, but it works.


After it was out, I double checked and put the in the shade to make sure it would fit.


You can leave the diffuser as is, or you can choose to cover it with material to soften the look. I used the above sheer white material.


I simply laid it on top of the diffuser and Modge Podged the heck out of it, paying special attention to the edges. After it was all dry, I cut the excess fabric off.


I cut the fabric so that there was a tiny bit of overhang on the sides, and then applied it to the poster board using Modge Podge, smoothing as I went. I also used binder clips to hold the material in place while it dried.


Once it was all dried, I used the ribbon to trim the top and bottom (and grab that little bit of overhanging material). I used hot glue this time and found that it was much easier and grippy (is that even a word?).


After attaching the ribbon, I realized that we would still be able to see the inside of the embroidery hoop that didn’t have ribbon on it, so I quickly put a couple of coats of white paint on the inside of the hoop. Not the prettiest, but it’s better than wood.


Then the eye hooks were installed as well as the diffuser…


And then I had to figure out how to hook the LARGE hoops to the SMALL fixture on the ceiling.


See those holes? That’s where the last cover was held in place with screws, and it’s what I was going to hook my eye hooks into. Unfortunately, there was a lot of space left between the fixture and the inside of the hoops. The fixture is 9 inches in diameter and the hoop is 18 in diameter, leaving 4.5 inches on each side between the two. So, using some picture hanging wire, I measured out 4.5 inches and attached S-hooks.


Then the S-hooks were simply hooked into the little holes and, VOILA! We’re in business!


I absolutely love it. I see now that I could have definitely made it shorter, but I think it works well in the space.


It actually doesn’t give off more light, but it didn’t to begin with. I am obsessed with the pattern, and currently stalking Pinterest for more ideas so I can get rid of the other hideous kitchen light as well.


It’s the little things like this that make this place feel like less of a rental apartment and a little cozier!

Did y’all participate in the Pinterest Challenge? What did you make??

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Remember in ye olden times, when Pinterest didn’t exist? I’ve talked about it here, when I saved pictures to my computer, but I also used to rip stuff out of magazines and keep them. I’m also a bit of a hoarder, so I tend to keep magazines after I’ve read them. Which doesn’t really work when you live in a small apartment and you have this:


So during the course of a few nights, I went through every single magazine and ripped out articles and pictures of things I wanted to keep. A paper Pinterest, if you will. Then I simply stuck them on cardstock and popped them into a binder.


I had the binder and the tabs already on hand, so it was a great little free project.


I also ended up using some tabs from the Martha Stewart Staples line (clearance for a dollar, I think. Jump on it).


I also labeled every section (in case I end up with a different system down the road.


Look at that eye candy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest, but I love having a physical book of ideas too.


The best part is that you can page through it and see what trends, colors, or styles you’re drawn to.


I even included a little DIY section in the back for those days that I’m bored and looking for something to do. How fabulous are those candlesticks?


Here’s a close up of those other tabs. They’re just stick on, peel off tabs. I’ve used them for a ton of stuff (I may have to go back and get some more).


One last eye candy shot. Some of the stuff is totally impractical (uh, hello purple wallpaper, I’m talking to you), but some is stuff I’d totally jump on (like those exposed bulbs). Oh, and those mirror pictures? I’ve had those since high school because I loved them so much.

Told ya I was a hoarder.


Now I’ve got it all corralled together so that I can add to it whenever I find something awesome, and I can page through it whenever I need ideas.

Totally worth the few nights on the couch (okay, let’s be honest, I was going to sit there anyways). I’d recommend it to those of you like me. We’ve gotta come up with a better name than hoarders though, because I do not have boxes of crap ready to topple down onto me at any second.

Magazine fiends? Eye candy lovers?

Now it’s just getting wierd.

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Y’all know I love to get my DIY on, ESPECIALLY in the middle of winter when I’m itching to spray paint something but can’t because OHMYGOD IT’S SNOWING AGAIN. (It’s kind of an affliction, actually). Because Sherry and Katie of Young House Love and Bower Power are freaking geniuses (seriously, can you see my spring fever from here?), they came up with the Pinterest Challenge: aka stop eating M&Ms and make something off of Pinterest, dammit!


Or something like that.

You can see my previous projects here: a butterfly globe, coffee table tray, and Anthropologie inspired glasses.

I had glorious plans for a project I’d been biding my time on…but then when I went to get the supplies for it, I found it was going to take me at least 4 days to receive them from Amazon, so I went to my back up plan. Which is actually pretty much what I did last time. I guess I should really plan these projects out more, huh? (This coming from the girl who started procrastinating on homework in the SECOND GRADE).

Where was I? Oh yes, Pinterest. The bane of my existence. You know what else is the bane of my existence? (I mean, while we’re on the topic and all).


That blank spot on the wall. This picture is from a post way back in October of 2011 in which I quote, “Eventually there will be a big canvas in that large empty spot above. One DIY at a time, people.” Apparently my definition of “one DIY at a time” really DOES mean ONE. DIY. AT. A. TIME.

God, I am such a procrastinator.

So here’s my project: make something with that damn canvas. For a while, I toyed around with the idea of modge podging a quote onto it, a la Courtney at A Thoughtful Place:

canvas 4


And by toyed with, I mean I actually printed the whole thing out and everything. But I wasn’t a huge fan of it yet and wasn’t ready to commit to it. And then a year passed and I got used to the blank canvas chilling out on the wall. So did the Fireman…in fact, he walked right past the finished project and never even noticed. THAT’S HOW OBLIVIOUS WE ARE.

God, I’m also a rambler.

So, in 385 words, have we established anything other than the fact that I can talk type for days and I’m a huge procrastinator? No? Okay, moving on.

Here are some of the inspirations that I found for the Pinterest Challenge:

canvas 3


Ironically enough, this is from Young House Love. I love how it came out and it served as a basis for my idea.



This was more of what I was going for, and she had a great tutorial on top of it.

It was a very simple project (which only adds to my confusion as to why I haven’t gotten to it yet).


This is what I started with: a canvas that I already had on hand, (15×30? I think…) and some scrapbooking letters from Walmart. Here’s my disclosure: don’t use scrapbook letters – vinyl are so much better; less bleeding and much easier to paint over.


Obviously, I had to pick a quote before I even started the project. Have you ever seen P.S. I Love You? There’s a song that the main character sings called “The Galway Girl.”

It’s one of the Fireman and I’s favorite songs of all time (and totally my ringtone), and it was a quote that we both could live with. So I made sure to count out my letters and figure out how I was going to place them (I overbought on letters just in case).


Using a straight edge (or M&M ruler your parents bought and personalized for you in Vegas 10 years ago), place the letters and press firmly to the canvas.


They weren’t perfectly straight (but nothing in our house is), so I let them sit overnight (okay, 2 days) to ensure maximum stickiness.


The next step was painting. Pretty straightforward.


Pretty self explanatory.


I started out with a paintbrush, but it wasn’t spreading the paint like I wanted so I ended up switching to a sponge brush, and I definitely got more color variation with it. I started out with one color at the top but then added in a little bit of everything to get the finish I really wanted.


The letters were a pain in the butt…this is why I’d recommend flat letters. The whole 3D thing had me cursing a blue streak crying in my spilled milk annoyed. I ended up having to dab paint all over the letters so that I could get it down in the cracks. Luckily I had a stippling brush on hand to get paint in every. single. crevice.


Since it was acrylic paint, it dried super quickly and I started peeling off the letters almost immediately after I finished painting.

Can you see how much the paint bled? Another reason I’d go with vinyl.


The only way to fix that was with some white paint…


SO much better, right?


I absolutely love the way that it came out. The variation and texture of colors is just what I was imagining, and I love how it looks with the alternating text cases (a happy accident).


I’m fairly bummed that it looks way less glam in the hallway with the gross lighting, but the green really give the wall a great punch of color.


You can definitely tell that the letters aren’t perfect, but like I said earlier, nothing it our house is. It’s a sweet quote that we both love and wherever it lives will be that much happier.


Here’s a better shot of the hallway. You’ll see that I didn’t bother painting the edges of the canvas (maybe down the line), but I like the unfinished look. Again, my life = not perfect.

So that’s how I turned a boring blank canvas into a gorg piece of DIY art that I love (in under 1000 words!!). Oh, and the best part? The whole project only cost me $9.75. Booyah!!

How about you? Did you challenge the Pinterest Challenge? How’d it turn out??

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I lovelovelove this sign. Mostly because it lights up and reminds me of an old beer sign I used to have in my bedroom in California. Classy all the way.

(Unknown source)

This pin is actually suggested for use as a wedding color palette (which I think would be totally fabulous and an original color scheme) but I personally love the picture itself.


This picture is great because you KNOW I love a great behind the scenes photo.


This might just be the COOLEST FREAKING THING OF ALL TIME. An inflatable tent. So much amazingness here that I don’t even know where to start.


I have actually been here and can tell you that, in fact, this may be the most amazing place that I have ever visited in whole life. It is so gorgeous it’s hard to believe that it’s all real.

Pinterest has clearly become the new Wikipedia (as in I can get sucked in FOR HOURS on end). It’s dangerous.

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It’s here, again, kiddos! Approximately every 4ish months, Sherry and Katie (from Young House Love and Bower Power, respectively), throw an internet wide bash that essentially kicks us all in the bootays to get those Pinterest projects done. You may remember that I’ve previously made a butterfly globe and a coffee table tray.

For a while, I’d been contemplating making a mirror turned chalkboard…with full intentions. What’s that saying about the best laid plans?:) It pretty much came down to the facts that 1. I’m the worlds best procrastinator, and 2. There is a hurricane coming our way, so there is some pretty minimal painting time. I’m lazy too, and Saturday night when I stumbled into the Christmas Tree Shop after shooting a wedding for 9 hours straight, I headed for something a little less time consuming. A little bit of a Pinterest Challenge Fail, if you will.

But all is not lost!!

A while back, I found these adorable Anthro inspired glasses and had pinned it and then forgotten about it. When I read the blog post that accompanied it, I found out that these glasses sell for $30 A PIECE at Anthro. I could make them for about $3 a piece. You do the math. (And with the $27 I saved, I’m probably going to buy some cute shoes. Fireman, you’ve been warned.)

(original project here)

Totally adorable, right? At the Christmas Tree Shop (have mercy on your soul if you’ve never been sucked into one of these stores, by the way), I found stemless wine glasses for $1.29 a piece and snagged 4 of them.


It was a pretty simple process to make them. I decided that since I’m the only one who drinks wine, and glasses tend to get used hard in our house that I’d use them as votive holders. That’s not to say that some point down the road I won’t use them as glasses, but for now they’ll be decoration. Instead of using all 4 at once, I decided to make one for each season and used corresponding acrylic paint to create each one.

Using 4 colors per glass, I started with one and then added more and more color as I went on. It was a little time consuming because I did multiple layers to try to really confetti them up.

Oh, I should also mention that I did this at work. I had 38 hours to kill…you’d do the same thing. It only took me about 2 hours to paint, and I let them dry overnight to really solidify the paint.


So far, I haven’t had any problems with chipping or anything…and seriously, how cute are they?? I love them and plan to use them this week with some tea lights.


Totally adorable. Totally cheap. Totally a knockoff. Totally worth the $2.

What do you think? Have you ever made a knockoff?

PS: I know the pictures are totally sucky and embarrassing and I actually have more than these…unfortunately the hurricane knocked out our power for so long last night we have absolutely no cable or internet, and my phone hotspot isn’t the best. Hopefully I will be able to get some more and better shots later on to post. Also, I was out until 3 am checking downed lines…probably not going to be getting our internet back anytime soon. Hopefully no one was too badly affected by the storm!!

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Media Consoles.

Media consoles are completely fabulous and completely necessary in my world. Right now, we have a table holding our TV, DVD player, modem, etc. I may or may not have found it sitting on the side of the road and persuaded the Fireman to help me pile it into my car…

Yes, I’m watching Bunheads. Don’t judge. It’s witty and the Fireman isn’t around. Anyways, the table is wobbly and old, but it works for us. However, I’m dreaming about a new gorgeous console that hides all of those ugly cords that you see snaking every which way. At this point, I’d even settle for an old dresser…

So I went to my BFF, aka Pinterest. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE.

And look at some of these babies that I found! They are totally gorgeous!

I absolutely adore the wood on this with the skinny little drawers.

This one is killing me with the bird details. It’s not something that you find everyday.

OHMYGOD THE RED. That is all.

Same idea here. It’s a little more orangey but I love the scrollwork on the drawers here.

I’m kind of obsessed with this one. Love the old wood, different finishes, odd handles, etc.

I love this yellow dresser. It reminds me of the one in our bedroom.

Holy guacamole. Let’s discuss all the things that are completelly fabulous about this piece. Color, details, handles, carvings, etc.

This color is to die for. The shape is gorge too.

And last but not least. Apple green in all its glory. I. Am. Drooling.

What about you? What’s your preference for entertainment centers?

Picture sources: unknown, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here.

Psst – Don’t forget to check 365 Days of Photography for my daily picture.

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You might remember that back in the days of yore…also known as winter “it’s40degreesoutsideandican’tfeelmynose”…I covered a globe in butterflies.

Temporary insanity break. My bad. Anyhooser, it was for a little something that I like to call The Pinterest Challenge, dreamed up by a couple of ladies over at Young House Love and Bower Power. The Pinterest Challenge was created for the gazillions of women out there who are sucked into pinning away and never making anything…this is just the kick in the pants that we need!

Since I may have been behind on catching up on reading some blogs…and I may have realized on Saturday that this was happening today…and since I ripped my hair out last time…I maaaaaaay have done an easy project. Who am I kidding? I turn the easiest projects into massive undertakings. Just ask my family.

So. This project. First of all, feast your eyes on this hot mess. (And this is a clean day).

Scary, right? That’s our coffee table. It’s solid (cherry? mahogany? I really have no idea…) wood that the Fireman’s dad made years ago, and as such, I am not allowed to touch it with any sort of paint underpenaltyofdeath. Which is fine, because I love it. BUT it’s getting pretty scratched up since crap stuff seems to accumulate on it. So…based on the picture above, can you guess what I did?? Anyone? Bueller?

COFFEE TABLE TRAY!! Dah dah dah daaaaaah! Streamers! Balloons! Elephants! (WAIT what!? Things just got wierd up in here.)

Have you ever noticed that EVERY SINGLE design blog has those amazeballs coffee tables with the totally gorgeous trays that are accessorized like crazy? I kind of love those. Plus they corral everything, and I am big into corraling.

I found this tray for $3 at a thrift store. It was ugly. And peeling. Did I mention it was ugly?

Unfortunately for me, I had to sand it down since it was hand painted and had some serious ridges going on. I also can only assume that I inhaled millions of spores of lead paint and now my babies will be born with arms coming out of their heads. Which, in all seriousness, IS AWESOME. And helpful. I wish I had an extra set. Where was I? Oh yes, fabulous trays.

I actually really debated on the paint color that I was going to use. I wanted it to stand out but at the same time I wanted it to be bright and cheerful. I may or may not have spent 15 minutes in the paint aisle at Home Depot. I was waffling between a turquoise and a yellow and ended up settling on this one. Great choice. I didn’t use any spray primer, which I now realize was a mistake since it took me about 8 or 9 coats of thin paint to fully cover it. But look how pretty it is!

The end result is better than I could have imagined. I absolutely love the green since it really pops on the dark wood and brings more color to that side of the room.

As for the accessories, almost everything on it was stuff I had, except for that little red vase. I found that a few weeks ago at a thrift store, and before I got ahold of it, it was one of those awful 70’s graded ceramics (raise your hand if you know what I’m talking about). If not, it was uggggggglaaaayyyy.

I grabbed those flowers from a leftover wrapping accessories pile, and the little succulent is from a set I got at Target a while back. (Me + fake plants = a match made in heaven.) The old Ball jar full of shells came with me from California…I think I made it when I was about 6 or 7, and the starfish is from TJMaxx. Duh.

But you know I didn’t stop there.

I added a second tray/basket that I scooped up originally thinking that I would use it at THE TRAY. But alas, it was too small. However, it does hold a box with extra remotes and some small books.

So there it is. 1 Pinterest Challenge + 2 trays = 1 happy cleaned off coffee table. (PS: I’m not sure how my toes ended up in these pictures. Awkward.)

Oh, and in the spirit of keeping it real, this is what the table looked like Sunday night…

Wine is actually a super important component when accessorizing. Did you know that? Now you do. I’m dishing out knowledge like there’s no tomorrow. (There might not be. This is 2012, people.)

Have you ever made anything you pinned? What was it?

Psst – Don’t forget to check 365 Days of Photography for my daily picture!

Pinterest pictures found here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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I mentioned that I helped cater a wedding this weekend with one of my partners (in the interest of shamefully plugging my friends businesses, if you are in need of a caterer in the Mount Washington Valley area, contact Two Jakes. THEY ROCK.). When she told me that it was going to be held at the Fryeburg Fairgrounds (in the 4H Expo barn, no less), my first thought was uhhhh, you mean one of these things?

Why, yes she did! But when I walked in, I saw this:

Talk about a Pinterest wedding!! See those hay bales directly in front? Those are covering up a bunch of tractors. Two days prior, they were still sweeping out hay, and 1o minutes before people showed up I had to remove a stray “Mini Horses” label from the wall.

This was at the front door with a seating chart on the upper windows and family wedding pictures in the bottom right one. The painting on the table was a guest book for people to stamp their thumbprints on…totally cute! They had engagement photos EVERYWHERE and I absolutely loved that they put one behind a window frame. Genius.

All the tables had mason jars with chalkboard labels for the beer (see that upper right corner? Way in the back there’s a blue bar with 6 kegs…I guess that’s what happens when the groom’s dad owns a liquor store…). I particularly loved the wood accents that they had in the centerpieces and the stump in the above picture. Oh, and there’s no picture of it, but they had galvanized buckets full of flip flops set up around the open area so that guests could kick their shoes off. And they had a photobooth. I was jealous.

But the best of all was the cakes…

How incredible is that setup? The cakes were all different flavors and the frosting was piped rosettes…which matched the bride’s dress perfectly.

Oh, and the best part of the night was this picture…

Yeah, they had absolutely no idea that the sign was there. Made my night.

 One of these days, I’ll actually attend a wedding AS A GUEST.

Psst – Don’t forget to check 365 Days of Photography for my daily picture!

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