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Peony Wreath

(You may notice that there have been a few changes around here! I’ve been tweaking as I go, so if there are any issues that you find, let me know!! You can now access tons of projects up top at the Project Gallery page!)

Spring is seriously overdue. Like…months. I’m resorting to making my own Spring by adding as many bright, flowery things as I can to our house. A few nights ago, I was contemplating getting a new wreath for our front door (yep, I have a wreath problem) & I remembered that I had an old falling apart Christmas magnolia wreath that I hadn’t even used in 2 years. I checked it out & found that the base it was a nice, sturdy grapevine wreath.


So, I picked all the magnolia leaves out of it and found some oversized peonies laying around. I arranged the flowers a few times before I found something I liked, and then I glued them to the wreath with hot glue, making sure to seat the bases of the flowers snugly within the vines.

IMG_9165It was cute, but still missing a little something, so I made a small pennant banner out of some hemp & gold glitter washi tape. Thank you, Target dollar spot! It’s the perfect amount of Spring to greet us now!


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Eggcelent Wreath

I’m just full of puns today, aren’t I? I apologize for no Monday post! I thought I had worked all the bugs out of posting when away from my computer, but no dice. I’ve got a super cheap Easter decoration for you today (which is perfect if you’re like me and flat out refuse to spend gobs of cash on decorations that will only be up for a few weeks). I actually made it last year, but it needed some touch ups when I pulled it out of storage last week.

IMG_8776This could not be any easier. I took a piece of heavy jute and laid it in a circle. Then I took the eggs and put them inside the circle and adjusted the size to make sure that they all touched. Once I applied some hot glue to the ends to hold them, I just glued on the jute to the back.

IMG_8780Easy, easy. Oh, and then I just made a loop out of the rest of the jute to hang on the door!

IMG_8778It’s not a perfect circle, but it was a $2 craft, so I didn’t put a lot of stock in it holding up well for the second year. So far, so good, though! Oh, and those patterned eggs? I found them at Walmart of all places last year. Crazy, right?

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I’m always on the lookout for something to paint. If you know me, you’re not surprised at all by this statement. It’s also been tundra like here for the past few weeks months, so I’m literally hoarding things to paint until it’s warm enough, and then I do it all at once. The gold frame in our bedroom & this little thing were painted on a day that was in the mid 40’s (so much warmth!), and I’ve already got another little pile going.


I found this (somewhat creepy looking) bunny for $1 at Savers a few weeks ago, and realized it would look great spray painted a single color. I also have nothing really spring-like in the way of decorations, so I whipped out the gold spray paint and gave it a few coats.


I really love me some gold, and this is just the ticket on top of my DIY runner (that’s edged with gold sequins, obviously). It’s also reminding me that Spring is coming. Maybe. At some point. But probably not. Also, Whopper Eggs are coming.

That is all.

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Taking down the Christmas tree is literally the saddest day of my year. Our house isn’t sparkly anymore, but I made sure to keep our mercury glass and berry set up out. When I was putting all of our ornaments away, I realized that I was running out of room in the one box that I allow myself. I then remembered that I ended up getting a box to slide under our bed to hold the rest of our seasonal decorations (which aren’t much), and there was room in it. So, I bagged up our garlands and labeled them, and then found a smaller box to hold some of the smaller decorations.

2013-12-29_0001Once that was all put together, I added in some of the bigger stuff to the box, and VOILA!

2013-12-29_0002Once the bulkier stuff was taken care of, I put all of the tree balls in ziploc bags and stacked them. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner. They’re all plastic, so it’s not like they’re going to break (plus they’re from Walmart and I’m not super attached to them). Some of the bigger and more fragile ornaments were stored individually.

2013-12-29_0004I have a stacking container that I use to hold the flatter and smaller ornaments, and it fits perfectly in the big box. One of the weirder pieces to store was this:

2013-12-29_0003But it was easy to find a plastic base (the top of an old ornament container), to tape to the base of a solo cup. Toby Keith wins again!

2013-12-29_0005Once it was all packed in, I actually had room left over. That has never happened. Ever. Tell me, how do you store your Christmas decorations? I’d love to someday be able to have them in under the bed boxes, but I’ll deal with this tote for now.

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Merry Christmas!


Hey y’all, just popping it to wish you a Merry Christmas!! We’re off to dinner with the Fireman’s parents, then I’m off to sleep work! Hope that you had a great day with your family and friends!

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Wrapping Station

I actually almost finished my Christmas shopping this week. It’s truly a miracle…but I can guarantee the few things that I haven’t purchased yet will be put off until the last minute. Just like my daddy taught me :). Since we’ve got presents starting to get stacked up, I set up this easy little wrapping station the other day. I find that it’s so much easier to get everything wrapped quickly when it’s in the same place.

2013-12-15_0002Since we moved our Christmas tree to the other side of the room this year, we had to move a small bookshelf out, so I used it in here (covered with a super easy runner) to help corral some of the smaller stuff. The square basket used to live in our closet, and is the perfect size to hold our wrapping paper, and the other basket is an old laundry basket that now has a variety of jobs.


An old tray holds some festive washi tape, present tags, and a small painted jar holds scissors and tape. I love those big tags in the right side; I’ve been using them on a ton of presents!


That basket has all of our Christmas bags, boxes, some tissue paper, and a few bows, and the clear box has all of our ribbon. It has helped me wrap tons of presents this week already, and its something that I’ll be repeating next year!

Do y’all have a wrapping station? How is it working for you!? Dish!

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Deck the Halls

I love Christmas. Like, LOVE IT. If it was socially appropriate, I’d leave our tree and decorations up all year long. And I’m not going to lie…the weekend after Thanksgiving, our tree went up. I was thrilled; the Fireman told me it was a sin because it wasn’t even December. Usually, I go ALL OUT (2011, 2012) and deck our tree like crazy. But this year, I decided that I wanted to keep it simple, and didn’t even use 1/2 of our tree decorations. I decorated our media console with some sweet little red berry branches that I found at Target (60 of them for $5, there’s literally no way you can beat that!), hazelnuts, and pinecones with a mix of mercury glass. But my favorite and simplest decoration of all? A table wreath I picked up at Trader Joe’s and hung on our vintage window. Love, love love!








2013-12-08_0007tutorial for initial ornaments



2013-11-29 17.58.13

I love this almost as much as my tree: ranunculus, astrolomeria, and hypericum berries…all found at Trader Joe’s. Seriously, I made a gorgeous bouquet out of $12 of flowers (with some leftovers)!

The decorations are simple, clean, and natural, and they’re going to be so much easier to put away this year! When did y’all decorate??

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Fall Bucket List

bucket list

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I’m starting this post out with a picture I’ve seen about 67 times so far on my Instagram feed in the last two days:


But really. I am. I live for Fall. I get to pull out my boots and sweaters, and we stock up on pumpkins and apple cider, along with every ingredient needed for beef stew. October is the gateway to snuggly weather and hot chocolate, and I for one, could not be happier to welcome it.

Except that its supposed to be 80 degrees today. Disregard.

In the spirit of Fall, I decorated (obviously) our console since we don’t have a mantle (but you bet your britches I’d be all over that ‘ish).


Here’s what I started out with, it’s pretty much the same since I first decorated it…


And here’s what we’re enjoying now!


I had everything on hand except for the skull, plastic pumpkin (A.C. Moore sale for both!), and the frame (Target clearance!). The skull got a quick coat of spray paint, and the pumpkin got a little dark stain rubbed on it for a less hi-I’m-a-plastic-pumpkin look and more of a hello-I’m-a-faux-gourd look.


The banner was made out of a roll of burlap (also at A.C. Moore), and tacked onto the back of the frame (which I still love to death).

So that’s it! Just a quick little Fall update that will last us until the snow flies!! If it’s cold where you are, drink a Pumpkin Spiced Latte for me!!

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Happy Memorial Day to y’all!


Today as you eat your burgers and drink your beers, don’t forget to remember the men and women who have sacrificed their lives for your freedom. And thank you to all soldiers, past and present, who have made the burger eating and beer drinking possible!

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